Oh, hi

I'm Mike

Drawing of MikeYou can call me a designer or you can call me a developer - just don't restrain me to either box. I'm most excited by collaborating with people and organizations doing work on social justice, healthcare, education, and the arts.

Drawing of Mike


I’m working on tools to help designers and tools for engineers ship new things better and faster than we ever have before. So far, most of these tools are pieces of a design system that's been built and maintained by Adam Detrick and I.

Active projects

  • Swarm Design System guidelines site

    A central place for Meetup’s designers and engineers to get information on our design system

  • Meetup Web Components

    React components that can be reused across Meetup’s replatformed web apps

  • Sasstools

    A library for styling web apps at Meetup - provides styles in CSS and utilities for SASS

  • Constants

    Cross-platform distribution for Meetup's design tokens

  • Swarm Icons

    Cross-platform distribution for the icon set developed by Meetup's design team

About this site

This is a static site generated with Gatsby and deployed with Netlify. The typefaces used are Stanley and Roboto. The portrait is taken from a doodle Kristen Stewart (no, not that one) did during a meeting. For more details, check out the source code on Github.