Oh hi, I'm Mike

You can call me a designer or you can call me a developer - just don't restrain me to either box. I'm most excited by collaborating with people and organizations doing work on social justice, healthcare, education, and the arts.

Active Projects

GitHub Primer:

Primer is GitHub's design system, but it's flexible enough to be used by anybody. Primer comes with different color themes, and the components are implemented in React, Rails, CSS, and Figma.

Past Projects

D2iQ component library:

A collaboration between D2iQ's software engineers and designers. It's designed and built for creating dashboard-like UIs with high information density.

Swarm Sasstools:

A library for styling web apps at Meetup. It provides styles in CSS and utilities for SASS.

Swarm Constants:

iOS, Android, and Web distributions for Meetup's design tokens.